Profile of a Patch User: Angelique Presidente

Proud mother of one of Patch's “Whiz Kids of the Week,” Angelique Presidente talks to Patch about her history in South San Francisco, volunteering and her favorite local eateries.

Name: Angelique Presidente

Age: 32

How long have you lived in South San Francisco?

I have live in South City for 32-and-a-half years (my whole life). I live in the Sunshine Gardens neighborhood, the same neighborhood my mom lived in when she came here in October of 1954. My dad came out to San Francisco from New York when he was 13 and then moved to South City on Aug. 24, 1975.

So you never moved?

Nope, I grew up right here in Sunshine Gardens and anytime I moved, it was just to the next street and then back again. South City for life!

Who makes up your family?

My husband Carlos of, well I guess it’s been 8 years already, my three gorgeous kids, Tre, 13, Javier, 8, and Alisya who is two-and-a-half. My family is pure awesomeness (but of course I am biased)! My oldest was featured as a All 3 of my kids take karate lessons at in San Bruno where I volunteer as the office manager, and they all have competed in local tournaments (my daughter being the youngest in Northern California as a competitor at age two!). The boys play baseball, my daughter attends dance classes and swimming lessons, and they all model.

What is your occupation?

I used to work as a Legal Secretary in Millbrae, and while working I went to school for my EMT certification (I completed it while pregnant!). After my third baby, it was time to stay home, but like most moms we get that, "I need to work” anxiety so I started volunteering at  (I also attend as a student). I have always been a part of every sport and activity my kids are involved in. When my oldest started soccer I became the coach, I was the EMT for the football program my kids were in, and with karate I am in the office.

What are your hobbies?

Volunteering, of course. I also love taking photos of my kids’ sports teams and putting them together in photo books, collages, and placemats. As a family we love camping in Yosemite and taking trips to Disneyland.

What do you love about South City?

I love the close-knit community feeling, although I have to say that over the recent years it has been slowly drifting away. You used to be able to call your neighbors aunt and uncle while growing up even though there was no blood relation, but now people keep to themselves. I do love the Facebook pages that try to keep us close and informed, like Everything South City and Patch.

What’s your favorite South City Restaurant?

That is such a hard questions because I am such a food snob! I love —they aren’t a restaurant but still deserve props for an awesome sandwich. I adore on Grand Avenue for their old Italian style cooking and warm family feel. Go there on a Tuesday night and try their homemade sausage—it’s amazing!

What is your favorite South City shop or market?

I love because their pollo para asar (chicken for the grill) and "Papa Chuy" salsa are awesome. But nothing compares to the prime, the gem, the epiphany of companies: ! They sell lobster tails, live crabs, live lobsters, clams, mussels, etc. They are beyond reasonable, and as an added bonus they now have a outside Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. where they serve lobster rolls, crab rolls, shrimp rolls, lobster bisque and lobster tacos—a must try!

What would be the perfect Sunday in South City for you?

My perfect Sundays include strolling , enjoying the breeze and the sun (when it comes out), letting the kids play at the park and just spending time with the family. Most recently we’ve been loving our 49ers and watching every second of their pure greatness this season.

Do your friends and family read Patch?

Yes, I believe they do. I have a lot of friends on Facebook where I frequently repost Patch articles to my wall and they comment quite often.

What has kept you coming back to Patch for more? 

I love the updated material - you can never know too much about what is going on in your area!

What kind of stories get you commenting on Patch?

Anything and everything. If it's political, I will make my opinion known. Educational stories are also interesting, but I really don't discriminate, I will comment on just about anything from food to events and in everything between.

What's your favorite feature on Patch?

I love when there is a . I think more kids deserve recognition and not necessarily for straight A's or volunteering, but for overcoming. There has been a lot of hardship in our city lately and our kids have to be recognized for overcoming some of these horrific events. 

If you could make one improvement for Patch, what would it be? 

I think local fundraisers should be highlighted as well as the companies that are stepping up and volunteering/donating to help our local non-profits. It means a lot, helps a lot, and it does a lot! They need to be recognized and hopefully more people will step up.

Drew Himmelstein (Editor) February 14, 2012 at 07:34 PM
Your insights as a lifelong South San Franciscan are wonderful! I think you have a great idea for Patch to highlight local fundraisers and volunteer efforts more.
Angelique February 14, 2012 at 09:00 PM
Awesomeness!! I look forward to seeing more about them and I have one for you to highlight! Local, Alta Loma Middle School 8th grade class of 2012 needs to raise $10k by May of 2012 yes just a few months away! Money raised will be used for their graduation ceremony, last dance & field trip - these are important memories since 1/2 the school goes to El Camino, 1/2 goes to South City and of course some goes as far as Serra, etc.
Austin Choi February 15, 2012 at 04:04 AM
Great story!! Love to hear about locals working, playing, dining, and volunteering, all in the SSF community. I do think the close-knit community feeling is still there, at least in most parts of the city.
Erica Jazayeri February 17, 2012 at 04:27 PM
Hey Austin! See, it's easy to be a featured Patch user! Are you up to the challenge yet? :)
Austin Choi February 18, 2012 at 04:51 AM
Lol - Not yet. I'm still a scaredy cat...


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