Fitness Bootcamp Comes to South San Francisco

Westborough Park has visitors.

As of last week, a new fitness group is recruiting South San Franciscans to get in shape in a six-week outdoor boot camp that's held in Westborough Park.

O2 BodyFit, a Daly City-based company has been operating for two years and already runs the boot camp in Daly City and Pacifica, but just expanded the program to South City.

"The over all goal is to branch out and help as many people as we can around the peninsula," said Christina Chan, one of the group's physical trainers. "There's not really anything like it in the South San Francisco area."

Judging from "before and after" photos posted on the company's website, it looks like the program has dramatically improved the fitness of some past participants. According to the website's FAQ's, participants generally "drop 4-8 pounds, 1-2 dress sizes, and 2-5% body fat" over 30 days.

The workouts run from 6 to 7 p.m. and involve cardiovascular, plyometric and circuit and strength training. 02 BodyFit provides the equipment, like medicine balls and resistance bands that are part of the workouts.

For the South City boot camp, each day will involve a neighborhood run around Westborough Park.

Classes normally range from 10 to 20 participants, but Chan said that it was tough to gauge the interest in South City so far because the location is brand new.

Enrollment is open at all times, and new participants receive a one-week free trial.

Indoor bootcamps are held in Daly City at the Westlake School for the Performing Arts and in Pacifica at the Pedro Point Firehouse. An outdoor boot camp is also held at Marchbank Park. The individual rate for the boot camp is $177.

To sign up, call 02 BodyFit at 415-294-1136 or check out their website.

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wolfone October 02, 2012 at 06:36 PM
Bad location for the boot camp, hard to get to by bus. And expensive. For rich people. $5.90 a day. do your own boot-camp at home.
Tina C. Norton October 03, 2012 at 09:57 PM
O2 Body Fit has helped me tremendously. I have lost almost 50 lbs since Jan. 2, 2012. I don't know what I would do without them as they keep me held accountable and care about my goals. I signed up for the two-day free trial, then signed up for the 6 week challenge. Once that was completed, I signed up for 6 months and finished that and now I am in another 6 month membership. I am already wondering what I will do after this 6 months is up and I am not even there yet. O2 Body Fit team is like a family.... they all work together and get excited to see each other reaching their goals. Nothing compares to the fun and challenging workouts Daniel and Christina provide for beginners to pro athletes. Give them a call and try them out! Take my word for it!
Mike Cusack October 04, 2012 at 12:40 AM
02 body fit is a fantastic bootcamp and the new SSF location is perfect . The westborough park is clean, safe well lit and has ample parking . I have been attending class since Jan 2012 I have lost 45 lbs and at 38 I can run 3 miles in less than 21 minutes. Sure you can get a gym membership at a cheaper price , but most people , including myself won't push themselves enough working on their own or in a gym. With 02 you get that extra motivation and personal attention as Tina said you are held accountable , you get to meet friendly people who are all trying to reach their own goals but support one another on the journey to being a healthier and happier person . It's not just about working out ,Daniel and Christina will talk to you about nutrition hydration even resting , they will educate you, so you can make life style changes that will benefit you and they provide a professional service and if you are ready for the challenge you will get results and who can put a price on that . As a side note I'm not rich and I don't think 02 Bodyfit can be held responsible if there isn't any public transport to the park


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