Walk and Bike to School Day Wednesday

Are you, or is your student's school, organizing a walking or biking route for tomorrow's event?

Wednesday Oct. 3 is International Walk or Bike to School Day, and several South San Francisco parents and schools are taking part.

As of Tuesday morning, Sunshine Gardens, Spruce Elementary, Ponderosa Elementary and Martin School each have walking or biking routes signed up at the national event's official website.

Anyone interested in organizing a route to school for tomorrow can register at the website and create a route with meeting times and places and specific directions to their school.

Here are tips for parents who have questions about participating and how to ensure their child's safety during the walk or bike ride. And for inspiration, check out these photos from past years of kids walking to school all around the country.

Walk to School Day was started in 1997 to raise awareness about the need for comunities to be more walkable. The day also aims to remind families and encourage kids to be more physically active.

Please tell us below about your plans for walking or biking to school and what your thoughts are on South San Francisco's walkability.

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Jesse M. October 03, 2012 at 01:49 AM
Every day is Bike/Walk to School Day. I'm at PHMS and I bike daily from Millbrae. I'd like to get more events like this happening at Parkway. I know there are several teachers at our school who would be interested too. Our bike rack could use a few more occupants. Teachers/parents from other schools who are participating tomorrow, can you send me a personal message? Thank you.


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