Students' Day Out—With the Rotary Club

The South San Francisco Rotary Club sponsored ten students for its shadow day to expose them to different careers.

Ten high school students shadowed South San Francisco Rotary Club members on Thursday, learning about professions as diverse as firefighting, printing and medicine.

The annual event is meant to expose and students to new careers and experiences.

South San Francisco senior Ernesto Teellez plans to be a firefighter after completing studies at the College of San Mateo, but he said he learned something new during his morning with South San Francisco firefighters.

"I learned that they do much more [than just fight fires]," Teellez said. "More than 80 percent of their calls are not about fire hazards." 

Teellez and three other students got to see firefighters use the jaws of life and assist in a diabetic medical emergency during their day. Later, they had lunch with the Rotary Club at its meeting.

Tess April 13, 2012 at 02:06 AM
This sounds like Parkway's Career Day in reverse. There the professionals went to the school to talk about their careers - here the kids went out to participate in the careers. Did not know the Rotary Club did this for our young people - but now that I do - I thank them and congratulate them on being good community role models. Sounds like both El Camino and South San Franciso students really enjoyed and benefited from this experience. Good job everyone!!
evanalopez April 13, 2012 at 06:13 PM
great job. the students look really happy after learning so much .


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