School Board Student Rep's Vote Did Not Count on Measure J

The SSFUSD Superintendent has announced that the Measure J Master Plan thought to be passed last week, did not. It will be presented to the board again Nov. 8.

The SSFUSD Superintendent announced publicly this morning that the Measure J Master Plan passed last week in fact did not pass because the school board student representative's vote does not count.

Superintendent Alejandro Hogan said that after last Thursday's meeting, he wasn't positive that the "aye" vote from the student, Alex Moreno, counted according to the board's bylaws.

"I was not sure about the validity of the vote, so I had to come back and check on board policy," he said.

According to County Counsel, John Beiers, only elected members of the board can cast deciding votes, and the student's vote is only "preferential."

That means the Master Plan for Measure J Phases II and III received a 2-2 vote and did not pass.

Hogan will present a revised version of the Master Plan to the board at a meeting on November 8. That plan will include upgrades to science classrooms, the absence of which were part of the reason 2 trustees did not vote for the motion last week.

At the meeting last week, Vice President Phil Weise and Trustee Maurice Goodman had voted to pass the plans under the condition that the science classrooms would be made higher priority than as they were presented at the meeting.

Now the trustees will vote on a Master Plan that may actually better reflect their priorities for Measure J improvements.

Hogan said that only when a student representative's vote would determine the final numerical outcome of a vote does it not count. But if a motion would already pass with a 4-2 or 5-1 vote, then the student vote does count.

"I don't think we've been in a situation like this before," Hogan said about last week's Measure J motion in which the student's vote would have broken the 2-2 tie.

Trustee Shirlee Hoch excused herself because of illness at Thursday's meeting before the Measure J vote occurred, leaving 4 elected members of the board present.

Measure J is a $162 million bond measure that was passed in Nov. 2010. It can only be used for facility improvements and not to hire teachers or for educational programs.

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Jim C October 29, 2012 at 11:23 PM
If everyone in the audience was wondering about it, how did the Superintendent and the board members not KNOW this was an issue at the time? Do they have a parliamentarian??? Embarrassing. As long as the Superintendent provides a new budget document that includes the athletic fields and science labs, I'll treat this as no harm/no foul. But if they try anything sneaky, I'm going to talk my wife into running for school board. She won't listen to me either, but I'm pretty sure that she would think there was something weird about a kid voting on millions of dollars.
Eric Jacobson October 30, 2012 at 12:28 AM
I just hope that they can move forward on November 8th, and include both phases for both high school fields. Many people will be upset if the new plan leaves out the phase II for El Camino's Field which includes the new Bleachers which will meet ADA standards. It would make no sense to put in a new turf field, and a all-weather track, without the bleachers. Our current bleachers are unsafe, and the new field and track will be destroyed by the heavy equipment needed to constuct the bleachers for both home, and visitors fans. It will also cost less in the long run if they have Phase II for the field done while the construction companies are here for the field and track. I hope the new plan includes the science labs, and both Phases (I / II) of the field projects. If so I do not see any reason for it not to pass 4-0. I have been at every School Board Meeting in the last year, and will continue to do so until this project is passed. I am hopeful that we can end the suspense, and give the kids of the SSFUSD a safe athletic facility. COLT PRIDE


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