School Board EXPRESS: Public Discontent

Members of the public said they were dissatisfied with district leadership at Thursday night's school board meeting.

School Board EXPRESS is a new feature on Patch. In addition to complete news stories about key issues, we live-Tweet school board meetings on @SSFPatch

7:15 p.m. I'll be tweeting tonight's televised school board meeting using the hashtag#ssfusdboard

7:15 p.m. The board recognized Jan Riordan and her family for her service to the district and their service to the city #ssfusdboard

7:16 p.m. Presentation by the American Red Cross on its work in San Mateo County#ssfusdboard 

7:28 p.m. Westborough teacher Danny Yanow asks board to reconsider promotion policy: "Students need to know that they’re accountable." #ssfusdboard

7:56 p.m. Numerous people, mostly teachers, making public comment expressing anger and questioning the leadership and future of district. #ssfusdboard

7:57 p.m. Audience gives teacher Ashley Gray standing ovation for demanding remedies to crisis of confidence. #ssfusdboard

8:10 p.m. Parent and former district employee: "I believe in miracles, and the SSFUSD needs a miracle now." #ssfusdboard

8:54 p.m. Student who crossed without diploma said: "If they’re trying to help us stay out of the streets, why didn’t they help us?" #ssfusdboard

9:25 p.m. District completing developing search process for bond liaison services.#ssfusdboard

9:36 p.m. Melara: English Learners Programs goals are to help them master English and meet standards #ssfusdboard

9:43 p.m. 2010/2011 school year, avg. 67 people per DELAC meeting. #ssfusdboard

9:47 p.m. Budget: Fund balance looking better than expected due to Genentech settlement & onetime funding from state for mandated costs. #ssfusdboard

9:56 p.m. Board approves to continue interdistrict attendance agreement btwn ssf and sfusd through 2016 #ssfusdboard

9:57 p.m. Board approves agreement with Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost for legal services for 2011/2012 school year #ssfusdboard

10:02 p.m. Weise's understatement of the year: "It's been a busy week or two."#ssfusdboard

10:06 p.m. Melara: "I wanted to recognize that our trustees attended literally every graduation and promotion." #ssfusdboard

10:09 p.m. Jan Riordan: "19 years in the district--you have educated my children. SSF has been fabulous to us." #ssfusdboard

10:10 p.m. Jan Riordan to board: "I can proudly say I voted you all into office."#ssfusdboard

10:11 p.m. Jan Riordan to Melara: "You have done a lot for our community and our community speaks well of you." #ssfusdboard

10:12 p.m. Jan Riordan: "I have had a wonderful 19 years, and I can't thank you all enough." #ssfusdboard

10:12 p.m. Standing ovation for Jan Riordan. #ssfusdboard

10:13 p.m. Meeting adjourned. #ssfusdboard

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