Contractor to Temporarily Fill Assistant Supe Position

The South San Francisco Unified School District board will vote on a contract at its meeting Thursday night with an interim assistant superintendent of business services.

The has plans to contract with an interim assistant superintendent of business services for up to three months while it searches for a permanent replacement for

, district staff will ask the school board to approve a contract with Sandra Lee Lepley, a retired chief business officer who most recently worked in the Pleasanton Unified School District, according to Superintendent Alejandro Hogan.

"She has lots of experience with school finance bonds," Hogan said.

Lepley would be hired as an independent contractor, starting on Nov. 1 at a rate of $750 per work day. She could stay on as late as Jan. 31, but the district would have the option to end the contract early, Hogan said.

"I have to be realistic" with hiring going into the holiday season, Hogan said.

Tess October 19, 2011 at 03:12 AM
$750 a day!!!! That's $15,000 a month!! Mr. Hogan and School Board Members -- is this the best you can do? Really? This is SSF not Hillsborough. Sandra Lee will make in two months what I make in a YEAR -- and I'm stuck paying for those bonds for the next 30 years. Ms. Lee better be able to walk on water and save the district money doing it. Then again, as an independent contractor what insentive does she have to do a good job? How was SHE picked and from a pool of how many? So many questions --- will anyone answer them?
Drew Himmelstein (Editor) October 19, 2011 at 06:04 AM
Tess, you make fair points. For clarity, I want to note that the draft contract stipulates that she would be paid $750 per day of work performed, which leaves open the possibility that she won't be working every day. As to what her work schedule will turn out to actually be, I don't know.


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