San Mateo County Will Lose $136 Million in Defense Spending

Sequestration seems inevitable and San Mateo County will feel some of the effect.

Sequestration, the automatic cuts to discretionary spending, are scheduled to go into affect on March 1 unless Congress and the President can agree to $1.2 trillion in deficit reductions spread over 9 years.

Discretionary spending makes up about one third of the annual federal budget.  Non-defense discretionary spending includes, among other things, transportation, energy and environment, education and the government.

The automatic cuts are part of the Budget Control Act of 2011 and were meant to be so drastic and uncompromising that Congress and the President would never let them happen but after extending the deadline twice and with Congress in recess it appears the cuts will take affect on March 1.

The automatic cuts are to be split evenly between defense and non-defense spending. 

According to the group forthecommondefense.org San Mateo County would lose  $136 million in defense related spending over nine years if sequestration is implemented.  California will lose nearly $4 billion over the same period.  A quarter of all the losses will be seen in San Diego County where there is a large military presence.

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Cynthia Marcopulos February 21, 2013 at 03:55 PM
Are you squawking yet? A recent study shows that our lawmakers will keep cutting our services and benefits unless you start squawking and demanding they cut elsewhere. Our lawmakers say cutting the Pentagon budget will be catastrophic, yet its budget is the same as it was at the height of the Viet Nam war and the Cold war, and it hasn't been decreased. Even after these cuts, the conclusion of two wars, and accounting for inflation, we'd still be spending more on the Pentagon than we did during most of Vietnam and the Cold War. Even with the cuts to the Pentagon budget, we still will be spending many, many times as much on the Pentagon as we spend on other critical priorities like funding education, stopping climate change, and engaging diplomatically with the rest of the world. So, cutting the Pentagon budget by $1 trillion over ten years (ten years) will barely affect this bloated budget that has never been reduced in over 40 years yet our services, wages, Medicare and Social Security are on the chopping block, let alone education. Here's the definition of "sequestration": http://www.auburn.edu/~johnspm/gloss/sequestration We have to start holding our elected politicians, and I can't even call them "representatives" because they don't care about We, the People, as much as they care about the 1% and the corporations and lobbyists that fund them.
Cynthia Marcopulos February 21, 2013 at 03:56 PM
Holding our elected politicians responsible -- got a little ahead of myself there ...
Harry E. Smith February 22, 2013 at 07:33 PM
Since our "representatives" have continually proved to be self-centered, callous shills to money and special interests, sequestration seems to be the only means of getting our fiscal house in order---especially since we have an electorate that is so completely stupid that it continually re-elects the same incumbents that got us into this mess and refuse to address it in a civil and fair manner!
Cynthia Marcopulos February 22, 2013 at 10:35 PM
I agree, you cannot keep voting the same people back into office and expect a different result. People vote the way their parents did for the most part -- Dems are voting Dems no matter how bad the candidate or incumbent is; Repubs do the same. We have to start thinking outside of this corpocracy, there is no difference between a Dem and Repub., and when people start realizing that neither party represents the People, only then can change come.


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