RNC Alternate Delegate From South City

As the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention kick off, get to know local delegates.

Meet Luzviminda Pineda, South San Francisco’s alternate delegate attending the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Originally from the Philippines, and a computer applications engineer in her professional life, she is also a passionate Republican. According to the San Mateo County Democratic Party, no Democrats ran to be a delegate from South San Francisco.

She will be in Tampa for the convention today through Thursday, though many of the first day's activities have reportedly been delayed because of approaching Hurricane Isaac.

How did you come to be an RNC alternate delegate?

The Romney primary in 2008 was the first time my husband and I got involved in this kind of thing. We’re technical people, but I thought, we have to put in a person who has the characteristics and qualities of Governor Romney. I thought they would select my husband to be [an alternate] delegate, but they selected me. I'm happy about it and really excited.

What will you be doing once you're there in Tampa?

Delegates are involved in the voting process, but if two can't make it, an alternate will exercise the voting power.

How do you feel about representing not just your candidate, but your hometown of South San Francisco at the RNC?

I've lived here for 13 years. I sent my children to be educated in this community. I get involved on all issues that are pertinent to this community. I feel I'm qualified to represent the community. Also, I will continue to campaign for Romney in South San Francisco until the election. I also like his experience in crisis management. I think we’re embarking on an important time in history where we need to get involved and help elect the people who will put back this country in economic prosperity.

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