POLL: Should Coffee Drive-Through Be Allowed to Relocate?

A Patch poll currently shows overwhelming support for Caffino, which may be forced to leave the city due to zoning restrictions against drive-throughs.

The owners and customers of , a coffee drive-through in the Westborough Square Shopping Center, are planning to go to the tonight to ask for an exception to a zoning ordinance that prohibits new drive-throughs.

Mita and Tony Ricks, the owners of Caffino, have to move their business because their lease is up and Westborough Square is undergoing remodeling. But a zoning ordinance passed in 2010 , which would keep the Ricks from locating their business within the city.

The only way for the Ricks to stay is for the city council to approve an exception to the zoning ordinance. What do you think the council should do?

NancyB February 09, 2012 at 06:46 AM
They should be able to relocate whether council approves drive thru coffee businesses or not. They are an established small business and if they are no longer able to stay where they are then relocation should be allowed.
Drew Himmelstein February 09, 2012 at 07:43 PM
It looks like the city council is pretty sympathetic with Caffino and wants to find a way for them to stay in the city: http://southsanfrancisco.patch.com/articles/council-sympathetic-to-coffee-drive-through


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