Open Session: South City's Walkability and Carbon Footprint

South City planners will hear presentations on initial plans for bike and pedestrian improvements, plus long-term initiatives for reducing the city's carbon emissions.

Thursday evening the South San Francisco Planning Commission and the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee will hold a joint study session to hear updates on South City's Climate Action Plan and Pedestrian Master Plan, both of which are currently works in progress. 

When implemented, the two plans could have a big impact on the walkability and carbon footprint of South City.

Consultants and staff are recommending several policy changes, including creating incentives for exceeding building energy efficiency standards, reducing the city's water demand, traffic speed reduction improvements, additional sidewalks, curb ramps and crosswalks.

According to a staff report from April 2012, transportation, commerce and industry are the primary contributors to South City's greenhouse gas emissions, and is thus key focus areas for the Climate Action Plan.

In the past year, consultants and city staff have held two community workshops, conducted 16 walk audits in South City, identified gaps in the city's current climate policies and laid groundwork for setting future greenhouse gas reduction targets.

A third and final workshop will be announced for later this fall. After more complete drafts of the climate and pedestrian/biking plans are submitted before the end of the year, an environmental review will be conducted and staff hope to return final plans to the Planning Commission and BPAC in late spring 2013.

Thursday's study session is open to the public and will be held at the Municipal Services Building at 33 Arroyo Drive at 6 p.m.

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wolfone October 05, 2012 at 03:43 PM
I think its great the City is upgrading for bicycles and peds and ADA. But also existing laws must be enforced. I live on the border of Colma & SSF and the drivers completely IGNORE STATE LAW Pedestrian crossing as they SPEED down OLD MISSION RD!!! The BART police ignore them, the Colma & SSF pd ignore them also. The shark's teeth are here, as signs as a bright yellow sign stating they must STOP for Pedestrians.The signs are run down regularly.... I've been threatened by drivers who were mad that they have to stop. People & their dogs almost hit. Disabled people. A Cities PD must enforce the Pedestrian laws and Follow them themselves! This is a huge issue! You can upgrade all you want but if no one even the PD pays attention what good is it? I can't make it to the meeting but I would love for someone to bring up the "Enforcement" issue. There have been how many pedestrian/bicycle accidents in SSF? People in cars don't give a crap! Unless they might get a ticket. Also the turn at red-light? That should be gone! That is one of the MOST dangerous of all for peds & bikes! We need the police to enforce the speed laws, and make sure peds & bikes can safely walk across streets. ENFORCEMENT! And the cities must co-operate. Colma-SSF-SB etc.


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