Occupy One Year Later: South City's Contingent

Occupy Wall Street began a year ago this week. Patch checked in with the founders of South City's group.

A little over a year ago, shortly after Occupy Wall Street had taken off in New York and Oakland had begun organizing, a small contingent formed in South San Francisco.

Last fall, Jackie Lopez brought together about 15 South City residents who shared the vision of supporting what the movement has called the 99%.

The energy and numbers behind the local and national movements have diminished in the past year, though NBC reports that over 180 arrests were made in New York on Monday at the one-year anniversary mark of the movement.

Lopez and a fellow local Occupier, Eddie Miller, say they still meet with other Bay Area Occupy contingents about once a week. As an expression of their commitment to the movement, the two also hand out lunches for homeless in downtown South City weekly. Villa Del Sol restaurant across from City Hall on Grand Ave. donated pastries for those lunches on Thursday.

Lopez and Miller participated in an Occupy protest in Redwood City for the year anniversary on Monday. 

When asked to reflect on the past year of Occupy, Miller said that, "Occupy has targeted some of the main banks that were responsible for the economic meltdown, and the movement has opened people's eyes to a lot of faulty foundations of this country."

Miller is originally from Ohio, but came to South City after graduating from Boston University in 2010 with a degree in sustainable economics. Lopez was formerly a small business owner, is originally from Walnut Creek, and has lived in South San Francisco for many years.

Tell us below what your thoughts are on Occupy. Did you know there was a South City group?

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ChunLayLun September 23, 2012 at 12:17 AM
Lopez and Miller should go to Peninsula Works @ 271 92nd st. and get a job. OCCUPIERS are part of the 80% not 99%. I am poor and part of the 80% but I don't go around breaking windows and vandalizing and making trouble for the 99% businesses...that provide jobs & opportunities. Go back to OHIO MIller! Go back to Walnut Creek & Occupy, LOPEZ. Get a job!
Alex Sungwei September 23, 2012 at 04:57 AM
We are the 99! Great job, guys
Jesse M. September 23, 2012 at 03:00 PM
Wow Chun, you know absolutely nothing about your local movements. I have been involved with the local Occupy actions, I have two jobs, bathe regularly, and frankly, I'm still quite pissed that our world is being destroyed by greed. I have never smashed a window or vandalized anything. You wanna see what the occupy movement REALLY looks like? Go to the county board of supervisors meetings to see a bunch of regular people. Go down to the really fre market in Redwood City on Sundays to find free food and other things. Go to Bernal Heights to see a close-knit community that helps its residents to not be bullied by banks. Jackie and Eddie, shoot me a line if you can. Thanks.


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