City Council Agenda: Dispatch Consolidation, Westborough Park, Miller Ave

Preview of tonight's council meeting.

South San Francisco City Council will meet tonight and address the following agenda items.

  • Motion to accept the Miller Avenue Parking Structure Tenant Improvements Project
  • Motion to accept the Westborough Park Improvements Project
  • Motion to accept the WQCP Blower Building No. 1 Seismic Upgrade Project
  • Motion to update First Time Home Buyer Loan Progïam Guidelines to Comply with Fannie Mae Standards.
  • Resolution awarding the construction contract to Granite Construction Company Pavex Construction Division of San Jose, for the 2012 Street Rehabilitation Project in an amount not to exceed $932,474 and amending the 2012-2013 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget by $124,000.
  • Resolution in support of Senate Bill 568, which would phase out polystyrene food containers throughout California by 2016.
  • Resolution approving and adopting revisions to the Master Fee Schedule to incorporate Animal Control Fees.
  • Public Hearing: Proposed Amendments to South San Francisco Municipal Code to modify regulations regarding the “Parking, Public or Private” uses in the Freeway Commercial Zoning District to comply with General Plan implementing policy, which allows existing airport-oriented parking facilities located on Produce Avenue to be recognized as conforming uses in the Zoning Ordinance, in accordance with South San Francisco Municipal Code.
  • Resolution approving response to San Mateo County Grand Jury relating to Police Dispatch Consolidation.
  • Resolution reviewing and approving of the funding exchange of the OneBayArea Grant - Cycle 2 Federal Surface Transportation Program funds, authorizing the ñling of an application for State Local Partnership Program in lieu of Federal Surface Transportation Program, committing the necessary Measure A match, stating the assurance to complete the project, and amending the 2012-13 Capital Improvement Program budget by $1,002,110 with the inclusion of the  Street Overlay Project.

City Council meetings are open to the public and take place at the municipal services building Community Room at 33 Arroya Drive at 7 p.m.

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