BART to Try "Bike Fridays" – All Day OK for Bicycles

BART cooperated with bike coalitions on a plan to test "Bike Fridays" in August. The pilot program will allow bikes on board at any time that day, even during rush hours.


BART has agreed with bicycling advocates to conduct a pilot program allowing bikes on trains at any time - including rush hours - on Fridays in August.

The "Bike Fridays" are intended to test whether BART should liberalize its rules for bikes on board or continue with the current limitations during peak periods on several lines, BART said in a statement.

“The bicycling community, particularly the East Bay and San Francisco Bicycle Coalitions, have been instrumental in helping us design this pilot project,” said BART Board Vice President Tom Radulovich. “Issues surrounding lifting the restrictions have been long-debated inside BART. I’m happy to see that we’re now about to put the idea to the test.”

Some restrictions will remain in place on Fridays in August, including bans on taking bikes onto the first car or onto crowded trains, BART said.

BART estimates that about 4 percent of BART riders travel by bicycle to BART stations, and that about 60 percent of those customers take their bikes on board. More information about the current bicycle policy can be found on BART's bike Web page.          

Jim C June 22, 2012 at 05:58 PM
As someone who has had my foot run over by a bike on the BART platform, my shin run into by a bike on the BART platform, an a shirt torn by the pedal of a bicyclist going up the stairs at BART...I think this is a terrible idea. Mind you, none of the bike riders involved in these incidents were the militant, aggro-riders like the guy that sped down a hill in San Francisco and killed a man. They were all very polite and apologized profusely for their inattention to their surroundings. I'm not anti-bike, but I do find that bikes don't mix with pedestrians.


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