San Mateo County Sheriff's Office First Full-Time PIO

The former Millbrae detective was officially hired last week in this new position.

As of last week, the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office now has its first full-time public information officer. Det. Rebecca Rosenblatt was most recently an officer in the Millbrae Police Department.

"They want me to move us forward as an agency in the way of Facebook and Twitter to be more accessible to the community," Roseblatt said of her new role. "There's a lot to do, and it's a good challenge."

Rosenblatt will also be the office's primary media contact.

Rosenblatt grew up in San Mateo County and attended police academy in Palo Alto. She was hired onto the police force there in 2004. In 2005 she moved to the Millbrae department, where she worked until March of this year, when the department was acquired by the Sheriff's Office.

Rosenblatt worked as a deputy at the Maple Street Complex women's jail and also at Maguire men's jail.

She was a canine handler for four and a half years and also served as a union secretary.

"What I really like about this job is the diversity of things you can do," Rosenblatt told Patch. "I’ve worked the graveyard shift, and now six months later, I'm sitting at a desk, working in the daytime and talking to the news. And nobody's done it before, so it's kind of groundbreaking. I'm kind of making this as I go, and it's exciting."

Det. Rebecca Rosenblatt can be reached at 650-363-4800 or pio@smcgov.org.

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