Alleged Salvation Army Thief Pleads No Contest

The man who punched a store employee, while wearing stolen pants, after allegedly attempting to steal merchandise, has entered a plea.

The man who attempted to steal merchandise from the South San Francisco Salvation Army and punched a store employee in August has pled no contest to felony charges of possession of stolen property.

Mark McCawley, 43, entered the store with two accomplices and began stuffing merchendise into handbags in a back, according to the district attorney.

When an employee confronted them, McCawley punched the employee and attempted to flee. Two customers held him back until police arrived on the scene. The two individuals who were with the defendant fled the scene.

The defendant was reported to be verbally abusive and to have spit at the officers on scene.

The case is scheduled to continue Jan. 31, 2013 for a hearing on whether the judge will agree to remove some of the defendant's past strikes in order to lessen the expected sentence, and for the imposition of sentence. Twelve jurors were selected last week.

McCawley has several prior strikes, including a conviction of felony threats in 2006. He is in custody on $200,000 bail.

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