Police Blotter: Dead Dogs and Smashed Car Windows

A roundup of recent crime in South San Francisco. The following information was supplied by the SSF Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.


Tuesday Nov. 27

9:01am, Oyster Point and Gateway Blvds, a bicyclist was “stuck” in the center median because cars weren’t letting him cross. He was concerned he was going to get hit.

10:53am, Tian Lee on S Linden Av., someone reported that a vehicle was stolen around 4 p.m.

2:27pm, Willow Av and Estate Ct, someone reported a dead dog on the sidewalk on the west side of the street.

2:58pm, McDonald’s Restaurant on El Camino Real Hy., someone reported that a group of about 10 juveniles were running out saying “he's coming, gogogo,” as if they were going to beat someone up.

6:43pm, Miller Av, someone reported 3 pitbulls currently loose at the back of a housing complex.

7:19pm, Holiday Inn Express on S Airport Bl., someone reported a car accident with major injury to the driver. The airbags had been deployed.

10:23pm, Willow Av and Nora Wy, someone reported a small, tan dead dog on the sidewalk on Willow. The dog did not have a collar.

Monday Nov. 26

6:45am, El Camino Real Hy/Country Club D, someone reported a dead dog on northbound El Camino Real. Cal Trans was advised and will pick up.

10:00am, Grand Av, someone was preparing to sell 4 large narcotic mushrooms.

11:35pm, Forbes Bl, someone believe that there is a bomb in her gold Kia Spectra vehicle. She said that she is a witness to terrorism in Iraq and that terrorists are now here also.

Sunday Nov. 25

7:18am, Valero on Callan Bl., some time between 10pm and 7am someone smashed the glass in the front door and stole the register.

7:33pm, Holly Av, On the 100 block, someone reported that a white motor home that says Cruise America has dumped its black water (sewage tank) into the street.

Saturday Nov. 24

10:28am, Ihop on S Airport Bl., two vehicles had windows smashed and items taken from inside.

1:59pm, Sunnyside Dr, a house was egged for the second time.  

2:41pm, Holiday Inn on S Airport Bl., someone reported that their gold Camry had its window smashed. A digital Nikon camera was taken from inside.

8:57pm, N 101 Frwy Fr and Oyster Point Bl, police mutual aid was requested.

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