Police Blotter: DUI in Wendy's Drive Thru

A round-up of recent crime in South San Francisco

August 21, Wednesday

9:28am    Fire Assist
A passerby on Village Way reported seeing wires down that looked like they were cut or damaged.

3:26p.m.  Traffic Law Vehicle

Near Spruce School on Spruce Ave., two black mustangs were reported drag racing and turning down Miller.

August 20, Tuesday

4:37am     Petty Theft                                            
At Walgreens on Westborough Bl. , someone was reported running out of the store with $200 worth of items.

12:06pm    Suspicious Circumstances                               
At Westboroughand Gellert Blvds a silver Honda was reported going westbound going at a high rate of speed and blowing through two stop lights.

12:36pm     Burglary                                               
Occurred on Galway Pl, someone noticed items have been missing from his home for the past couple of weeks; possibly rear entry slider door. Video game consuls were missing.

4:59pm      Suspicious Circumstances                               
Occurred on N Spruce Av, Ssf. someone received a phone call from a man reportedly speaking Pakastani, who said, "there will be another 9/11 and her husband is with Al Qaida."

August 19, Monday

5:04am     Dist Domestic                                          
On Rosewood Wy, Ssf. someone's husband on medicantion for ADHD charged at the wife; she got startled and she threw a glass at the floor but it hit him

09:40am     DUI                                                    
At Wendys on Gateway Blvd., a male in the Wendy's drive thru was reported passed out in a gray BMW. An arrest was made.

5:51pm     Burglary                                               
On El Rancho Drive, It was reported that the previous night someone entered a home through a broken back window. A laptop, some clothing, and other sundry items were taken.

7:43pm     Assault                                                
At the State Room on Baden Ave., A patient at Stanford Medical Center ER reported that the previous night he was stabbed at a wedding in a hall in South San Francisco but doesn't know where exactly.

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Harry E. Smith September 21, 2012 at 03:24 AM
Shouldn't the burglary on the 20th be classified as a kidnapping since the "consuls" are now missing? I wonder what embassy they work at, and hope the police solve this soon before it becomes an international incident!!!
Tess September 21, 2012 at 04:56 PM
LOL -- Harry ur funny...and one of very few people who can still spell.


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