Found Guilty: Man With Meth Pipe Near Bay Trail

He will serve three years of court order probation for vicodin and meth.

Mark Oliver Stuberg, 60, who was found last year with methamphetamine and vicodin that was not prescribed to him, has been found guilty of two felonies and a misdemeanor related to drug posession.

After a fourth day of trial on Monday, the jury deliberated for half an hour before returning a verdict of one felony count posession of narcotics, one felony count posession of methamphetamine and one misdemeanor posession of drug paraphenalia.

The defendant also had a prior felony drug conviction.

In Nov. 2011, Stuberg's car was found parked illegally in a handicap spot near the Bay Trail in South San Francisco. An officer discovered that the owner of the car was on probation subject to search and seizure, and found Stuberg on the walking trail before searching his person and then the car.

The officer found a pipe with meth in it in the defendant's sock, as well as other drug paraphenalia.

On Monday Stuberg was sentenced to three years supervised probation on condition of drug treatment, abstention from alcohol and drugs, chemical testing, search and seizure, and $510 in fines plus monthly probation fee.

The defendant was out of custody on a $10,000 bail bond.

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