Injured Pedestrian Seeks Help from Witnesses

The victim, an employee at Cascal, suffered a broken leg after being struck by a car late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

The family and friends of Antonio Gomez Sanchez are asking for the public's assistance to help find the vehicle that allegedly hit Sanchez late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

According to Gomez Sanchez, he was walking home from a friend's house toward downtown Mountain View along Moffett Boulevard. When he got to Central Avenue he waited for the light.

When he began to cross, "out of the corner of my eyes, I saw a car coming fast, speeding," he said. "Next thing I know it hits me and I flipped, turned around. I fell to the ground screaming in pain."

Gomez, 27, thinks he remembers a black sedan, "like a Camry... a pretty generic car."

He tells Patch that he didn't call the cops. "I couldn't even pick up my head. I was in pain."

However, minutes later he overhead people exclaim "Is he okay?" Moments later, the police and fire departments arrived. He was transported to .

Before being discharged on Monday, he had surgery for a broken right fibula and ankle. He now has a metal plate and 11 screws in his leg.

"I can't do anything for 10 to 12 weeks," he said.

According to Shannon Casey, a family friend who alerted Patch to this situation, Gomez Sanchez works at on Castro Street, and "is currently unable to work due to the injuries, placing financial hardship on him and his family.

Any witnesses should contact the at 866-570-8211.

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lillian hinchcliff August 10, 2012 at 04:36 PM
How horrible. I am glad Antonio survived, shame on the driver that hit him. How can someone be so selfish and heartless?
Jared Hu August 10, 2012 at 04:45 PM
I think I drove by the scene that night (around 11:30pm), where I saw one guy sitting on the roadside and two other passersby helping him, I have dash camera installed on my car, let me go back to check (hope it's not overwritten by newer clips) if there's any suspicious cars...


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