Group of Males Reported in Linda Mar Area Asking for Money

Linda Mar residents experience a spree of late night and early morning visits the past week from unidentified males knocking on their front doors and asking for gas or drug money.

Pacifica Police were called to Linda Mar Boulevard on Sunday to a report that two men had knocked on a resident’s door at 10 p.m. Saturday demanding money because they ran out of gas.

They were “very confrontational” and “neighbors say it has happened to them also,” according to the reporting party in the Oct. 21 Pacifica Police log.

On Monday, Pacifica Police were dispatched to Anza Drive to yet another report that at least three males in their late teens or early 20s knocked on a resident’s door at 6:45 a.m. yelling “give me some coke.”

Pacifica resident Marci Haas says this has been happening to residents in the Linda Mar area since last Wednesday.

“People have been getting woken up late at night and very early in the morning by a group of males banging on their front doors, ringing the door bell and either demanding money for gas or yelling really loud that they want cocaine money,” she said.

According to Haas, her co-worker who also lives in the Linda Mar area called the Pacifica Police about it because it’s happened two times to her within the past week that someone has knocked on her door asking for money.

She describes the two males she saw on her porch as “ghetto dudes, wearing grey and black hoodies with hoods on and saggy pants.”

Haas has heard five stories so far, she said, all complaining about the same reoccurring issue and in one instance, perhaps unrelated, the men were wearing Halloween masks.

Has this happened to you? If so, what neighborhood do you live in?

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Kay Fuller-Nichols November 08, 2012 at 09:28 AM
Bush's America. These are the leftovers of jerks who believe that they are entitled. Contrary to many of the ironic comments above, this activity BEGAN during Bush's era, so let's get the history STRAIGHT on that point. We lived there in 2002. Now let us count back several years and figure out which administration riled up all of this country to behave like the fascist scuttlebuckets that we have personally witnesses. Many of you just hate Obama because of his race and many of you own small businesses that have nothing that the people want or need. I rather NOT have a lying jerk running this country with his disconnected family. This country went down hill with 8 years of that jerk destroying the lives of many, including many of you. Bush does not care about any of you The RNP does not even see you silly little republicans as people. You are merely spokes in a greater machine which will eventually destroy all of you who follow. Most of the thugs are white, so remember whose reflection you are seeing when they follow you home because they want your fat of the land and want you wiped out. The way you raise your children to sneer down upon others, to lie, to steal, to manipulate, to lay false witnesses and on it goes. This behavior comes from your own hatred against others. They are YOUR children& they have harmed many non-threatening families all across this country. Stop deceiving yourselves. The truly wealthy aren't looking out for your piddly little self-employed businesses
Kay Fuller-Nichols November 08, 2012 at 09:36 AM
Additionally, so many of you (perhaps not all of you) though many of you truly believe that you have some hand in the upper class, when, to THEM, you are nothing. Your quarter of a million to million annual salaries mean NOTHING to the RNP. They will just as well steal that from their mother and who are you. Just think of the millions who fall for the same trash every four years, truly believing that you are one of them. None of you will ever be one of them. Your problems are not with the Democrats or the poor or the under employed. Your problems are with yourselves and those whom you truly believe to side with you. The RNP stands for their own, not your interests. You are only a ballot to satisfy where they get to move their billions. Your annual income of 150,000 (higher or lowers) is a crap in their grand babies diapers compared to how much they are truly concerned about. The 6% of the wealthy aren't even all Americans. This country owes far too much to the same countries that you look down upon. So I really do not understand where the Us versus Them fits into your plan. So what that you make a few thousand more than your neighbor in the next county, what you make is what the true wealthy give to their kids as weekend expenses at one of the resturant chains that you own. It busts my stitch how foolish so many of you are. You are cows being used to secrete milk to help those wealth bastards to escape with YOUR money. You mean nothing to anyone but of a nusiance. Remember.
concerned citizen November 10, 2012 at 02:11 AM
A young man was taken into custody yesterday (about 9am) after going through peoples side gates and into their backyards on Dell and Standish. With the help of some residents, the police did an excellent job of tracking this guy down before he was able to steal anyone's belongings. Nice work Pacifica PD - keeping our neighborhood safe - fist pump!
Christa Bigue November 10, 2012 at 02:37 AM
Great news! Thanks for sharing. Look for a Pacifica Police blotter next week where Patch will update everyone on what's been happening in the community so we can get more residents out there as watchdogs to keep our neighborhoods safe.
concerned citizen November 10, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Watchdogs Unite - we can take this neighborhood back! If you see suspicious characters you are unfamiliar with lurking around your streets, please inform the Pacifica PD. We need to create a safe environment for our youth. It's out of control, when you go to drive your kids to school and have to explain to them what some guy is doing looking in your neighbors yards...as he's looking around twitching...then jumping fences evading the police... Talk to your neighbors - that's how we got this guy the other day - teamwork! We know this neighborhood a lot better than these guys. It's time to make a statement -we will not let this continue to happen. I used to go outside as a boy on these very same streets and play ball with all the kids from around the block. How dare these guys try and rob our neighborhood from us. There has been several thefts around our street the last couple weeks and a murder? It's time folks. -Lock your doors -Talk to your neighbors -Security Lights / Cameras? -Report anything suspicious to the police -Report news on these blogs / social networks LOG THESE #s in your Cell phone Pacifica PD 738-7314 911 from CELL 355-4151


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