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: “Great idea!”

: “Not to mention his living in Old Town, off of Linden Avenue makes him a very brave man - or something.”

: “People sometimes need to travel with children. It's a fact of life. Yeah, it sucks to be on a flight sitting in front of a screaming baby, but we deal with it. For me, it's MUCH more uncomfortable to see a crabby adult reacting rudely to a loud baby. The baby I'll forget about as soon as I get off the plane. But someone acting like a jerk I'll remember for months!”

: “I totally support a "children" "no-children" separation. Most people travel for vacation or for business. If you're on vacation you should not to have to put up with a screaming or insufferable kid next to you or having to ask the parent to keep their offspring in line only to have them argue with you. If you're on business - you can't get much work done with the same screaming kid or entitled parent. Why do those parents - the ones with the screaming kids think "everyone" should love their obnoxious offspring? We don’t!!!”

: “I agree with Chris. Public sector salaries need be at least equivalent to those of a similar position in the private sector if you want to attract good people. A CEO making $175,000 with good vacation is probably LOW for a private firm with 14 branches (eight elementary schools, three middle schools, and three high schools).”

: “Yep, not everything and everyone are equal. Some people just deserve more success when they work harder and smarter. If I were successful, it would be a faux pas for my saying this; however, since I am far from it, I can confidently and without jealousy, commend those who just worked harder than I.”

: “This is a great step forward for PHS and all the animals under your care! I worked there in 1979-1980 in the wildlife dept. because it hurt too much to see dogs and cats disappear and not know what happened to them (euthanasia or adoption). My daughter has worked seasonally with kitten care and we visit occasionally just to say hi and see who's there. We are excited about your new facility and will come by to see and wish you well! Thanks for the new column as well!”

: “When I attended the ground breaking ceremony in 2009, I was deeply moved. What once was an animal testing site, would now become a sanctuary for homeless animals.”

Too Smart July 13, 2011 at 07:11 AM
Cool article!
Candy Cane July 13, 2011 at 11:57 AM
Ha! Gangs in old town? You mean the black hooded teens that always wear red??????? I thought they were altar boys. Actually some of them are dangerous!
Rigo July 13, 2011 at 12:24 PM
Turning a blind eye to illegal activity should not be condoned. If your car was broken into would you not want witnesses to step forward? Let's not forget the murders in Old Town are still unsolved because the community is unwilling to cooperate with the police.


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