Moms Talk: Holiday School Break

How do you keep the kids occupied during the holiday break? Join the conversation.

School's out for a little while! The kids may get to sleep in, but what do the parents do to keep them occupied during the days?

South San Francisco Unified School District students return to school January 9, but many parents return to work sooner than that. For some this means taking time off work, filling hours with crafts, activities, movies, or even trips to the ice skating rink in the City. But, for others, children need to spend time with grandparents or friends, or join winter camps.

All this to keep the kids from whining those dreaded words: "I'm bored."

What tricks and pitfalls have you learned over the years? What do you do during this extended holiday break from school? Pour yourself a cup of coffee and join the conversation.

About this column: Discuss parenting questions every week in Moms Talk. How do you keep your kids busy during these few weeks? Tell us in the comments.


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