Letter to the Editor: Proposition 30

The president of the South San Francisco chapter of the California School Employees Association has written in to support state Proposition 30.

Classified school employees in SSF Chapter #197 have been working with other loyal, hardworking CSEA school employees statewide by volunteering at phone banks to get the word out to voters about Prop 30 –The Schools & Public Safety Protection Act and other critical propositions on the November ballot that will have a major impact on the future quality of education in California. 

CSEA is asking all voters to vote YES on Prop 30, which will stop $6 billion in cuts to schools statewide this year, prevent steep college tuition hikes, and promote tax fairness by asking high income earners to pay their fair share for education. Prop 30 funds will be safeguarded in a dedicated education account; subject to an independent audit that is open to the public.

Although Prop 38, another revenue measure that will appear on the ballot has good intentions, most budget experts believe it has shortcomings that will result in pressure to suspend Prop 98, the minimum school funding guarantee that has been in place since it passed in 1988. Prop 38 also doesn’t provide revenue for other critical programs for disabled, seniors, and public safety, as Prop 30 does.

In SSFUSD, committees are now being formed to discuss a contingency plan in the event that Prop 30 does not pass. But there is no conceivable plan that could possibly offset the damage to student learning that will result from the $6 billion in cuts statewide. This is why the passage of Prop 30 is so critical for education.

As a long term employee serving SSFUSD, CSEA President of SSF Chapter #197, and CSEA Regional Representative of Region #5, I’m extremely proud of our devoted classified employees, teachers, administrators and Board Members of South San Francisco Unified and it is heartwarming to witness their steadfast dedication and commitment to our students on a daily basis.

That’s why I’m asking every voter to stand up for our students by standing with CSEA and vote YES on Prop 30 to protect the future of all students in California and give them the education they deserve.

Jolene Malfatti

President, CSEA #197


Editor's note: Find previous coverage of state measures including Proposition 30 on South San Francisco Patch, and stayed tuned for future coverage of the upcoming election.

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