Taste Test: Which Chocolate is the Best?

I recruited unsuspecting passersby to test out See's Candies just in time for Valentine's Day.

We've already told you for Valentine's Day; now it's time for chocolates. 

I recently took a trip to South City's own and asked for their most popular flavors. The saleswoman recommended California Brittle, Dark Bordeaux and Scotchmallow (a honey marshmallow/caramel blend); as a lemon fan, I decided to throw in Lemon Truffle.

Then I took a seat in the lobby of the Municipal Services Building, where kids and parents were filtering through for ballet classes. Over the course of a couple hours, four unwitting passers-by agreed to be taste-testers. Here's what they had to say about each flavor.

Taste-Tester #1: Monyca Currier, waiting outside her daughters' ballet class.

California Brittle: I like the crunch; it’s also sweet, but it’s like the perfect crunch. And it’s not too sticky that it sticks to your teeth too much. It leaves a lingering flavor.

Lemon Truffle: Too fruity. It’s very, very sweet. And I think you need a really strong cup of coffee to go with it, to cut the sugar. But it’s pretty.

Dark Bordeaux: This one’s very buttery and extremely rich, and it’s heavy also.

Scotchmallow: I think the marshmallow and the caramel balance each other well, and I like the dark chocolate outside.

FAVORITE: California Brittle

Taste-Tester #2: Diana Orantes, 14, ballet student.

California Brittle: It’s like peanut. It’s really hard but sweet.

Lemon Truffle: This one has a sour flavor, and it’s sweet and minty.

Dark Bordeaux: This flavor is smooth. It melts in your mouth.

Scotchmallow: This one’s good. Chocolate and peanut butter and it’s sweet.

FAVORITE: Lemon Truffle

Taste-Tester #3: Rachael Wong, 17, waiting for sister in ballet class.

California Brittle: Very crunchy. It’s really sweet. I like the blend of the chocolate and crunchiness.

Lemon Truffle: It’s tangy. I don’t like it. It’s not sweet.

Dark Bordeaux: It’s creamy on the inside, but the sprinkles give it a little crunch on the outside.

Scotchmallow: Very sticky and chewy.

FAVORITE: Dark Bordeaux

Taste-Tester #4: Connie Wong, waiting for her daughter's ballet class.

California Brittle: I like the buttery flavor. It’s very rich.

Lemon Truffle: This tastes like a lemon. I like the tanginess. It’s not really, really sweet.

Dark Bordeaux: It tastes like mocha, and it’s really light and airy and fluffy. It’s better than a 3 Musketeers.

Scotchmallow: I like the combination of the dark chcolate with the marshmallow because it makes the marshmallow not as sweet.

FAVORITE: Dark Bordeaux

CONCLUSION: With mother and daughter team Connie and Rachael Wong tipping the ballots, Dark Bordeaux came in as the crowd favorite. The biggest wild card was Lemon Truffle, with half the tasters enjoying it and half not liking it at all.

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Heidi Beck February 11, 2012 at 06:38 PM
I'm Swiss, so I tend to prefer Swiss chocolate, but I'd never say no to See's chocolates -- very, very good for American chocolate! I really like their chocolate-covered ginger and marzipan.


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