How To Choose Roses and Keep Them Alive

Nick Tzovolos from El Camino Florist gave us the inside scoop on how to choose and care for the best Valentine's Day roses.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, the top gift for many couples will be roses. But not all roses are made equal.

Nick Tzovolos, whose parents own , says it's important to properly select and care for your roses to make sure they'll shine on Valentine's Day and beyond. His tips are in the video above.

When it comes to color, Tzovolos calls red "overrated." He recommends customers try other colors, such as pink, yellow, or mixed-color roses, if they'd like to move beyond the traditional color scheme.

Most of El Camino Florist's Valentine's Day customers are men, but Tzovolos said he does expect a few women.

"They are the pickiest customers," he said.

El Camino Florist is running a $14.99 special for roses while supplies last.


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