Have You Seen the "BART Idiot Hall of Fame"?

Have you seen the Facebook page dedicated to "publicly out" folks who make BART commutes unpleasant?


As most South San Francisco residents know, riding public transportation can be quite the experience.

Whether it be catching the Caltrain into San Francisco or the South Bay, or taking BART from the airport to the East Bay, we can probably all relate to the unique people we meet and things we see while riding the train.

Well, now there is a hub to share those moments with the rest of the world.

BART commuters will now have a humorous outlet to follow on Facebook. Patch came across an entire Facebook page dedicated to the antics happening on the BART. There are pictures and comments from commuters all over the Bay Area on the page.

Some pictures speak for themselves, some comments seem to be commuters simply venting.

The page is an open group with about 1800 members. Are you one of them?

What do you think of the page? Patch us your thoughts on proper (or not proper) "BARTiquette."

Tell us about your worst BART commute ever in the comments section below.


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