VIDEO: Woman Gets $2.5 Million for Chicken Bone in Pizza

Calia Felicity, 59, was seriously injured by a chicken bone she swallowed while eating pizza at South San Francisco's Round Table restaurant.

An unexpected chicken bone in a pizza hospitalized and nearly killed Calia Felicity, 59, when she swallowed it at South San Francisco's restaurant two years ago.

The bone pierced her esophagus and led to multiple surgeries that still continue, according to the Mercury News.

Now a jury has awarded her $500,000 for medical expenses and $2 million from pain and suffering from Foster Poultry Farms, the chicken provider, and Pizza Bytes, the restaurant franchisee.

See the video above for more on the story.

Roy May 10, 2012 at 01:52 AM
That's why I don't eat where 16-17 year olds cook for you.Roundtable is too expensive for a pizza anyway .Go to Toto's or Zorba's if you want pizza that's worth the $30.00
Tess May 10, 2012 at 04:55 PM
I do feel bad for this lady, but finding a chicken bone in a chicken pizza is not the most unlikely thing in the world. Had it been a piece of metal or something like that, well, then yes the chicken people are at fault. Sad that she didn't catch the bone when she chewed her food and had to go through all those operations. I happen to eat that Roundtable frequently and have never had a problem with my food - of course I've had the BBQ chicken pizza only once. I will however look at my food more closely from now on. Hope Felicity gets all better soon.


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