San Mateo County Business Makes Founder a Billionaire

Nick Woodman is the 36-year-old founder and CEO of GoPro, a wearable camera produced by Woodman Labs.


He started his business in Half Moon Bay to be close to surfing opportunities. Then he moved his company to San Mateo to be closer to business opportunities.

That's Nicholas Woodman, now 36, who founded GoPro and continues as its CEO.

Woodman created a wearable camera that can produce images anywhere an athlete or daring explorer wants to take it.

He produced the camera through Woodman Labs.

His company was bought by Foxconn last week. Foxconn purchased 8.88 percent of Woodman's camera company for $200 million.

Forbes discovered Woodman is the majority owner, and even if he controls the minimum 51% of the company, it means Woodman is worth at least $1.15 billion.

Inc reporter Tom Foster chased Woodman around and interviewed him for an article that appeared over the summer.


Speaking of sports, KTVU.com reported that officials with the America's Cup boat race has accused Larry Ellision's Oracle team of spying on a competitor.

An international jury said the Oracle team got too close of an Italian rival's boat and photographed it.  

The Oracle team has been ordered to hand over the pictures. The penalty is still pending.





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