Our Picks for Local Spas

Enjoy a peaceful escape right in your neighborhood.

Between work, school, family, pets and whatever other obligations we have, we all need to work in some quality down time to take care of ourselves every now and then. That oh-so-precious “me time” can come in many forms, but if you want to pamper yourself while rejuvenating your body and mind, consider heading to your local spa.

Often when the word “spa” is mentioned, people think of deluxe fantasy getaways in remote places that only spoiled celebrities can enjoy on a regular basis, but there are a handful of great, local options for us working folk who can’t always live the charmed life. Check out one of these spas right here on the peninsula for a dose of relaxation close to home.

  • , Grand Avenue

Enjoy a luxurious massage, heal those little piggies with an exfoliating foot scrub, or get ready for spring with a tanning session. Open seven days a week, this spa takes group appointments so you can bring friends and make a party out of it.

  • , West Orange Avenue

Focusing on healing the whole person, Purity uses only organic products and treatments. In addition to hair tinting and removal, waxing and other traditional spa treatments, this spa also offers unique massage therapies like hot stone treatment and foot reflexology.

  • , San Bruno

Housed in a building that was once used to test noise-minimizing windows, this spa offers relaxing services in a quiet, homelike setting. Step into a room that looks like your own private, peaceful bedroom and enjoy a Swedish massage, melt pain away with an Elmore Oil treatment or rid yourself of bothersome hair with electrolysis.

  • , San Bruno

Make an appointment for a manicure or brow tinting, or turn back the clock with an anti-aging antioxidant facial. Or focus on improving the way you feel with an aromatherapy massage, which helps relieve pain and stress through the use of essential oils.

  • , Millbrae

Offering pregnancy massages, and catering to clients of all ages, this Millbrae spa provides a shower and sauna to give your spa experience even more relaxing impact. A Perfect Day specializes in couples massage and offers pre-paid packages that provide huge savings on per-hour fees.


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