Council Sympathetic to Coffee Drive-Through

Members of the city council said they would like to find an exception to an anti-drive-through zoning ordinance to allow Caffino to stay in South San Francisco.

The owners of , a drive-through coffee stand in Westborough Square, and a handful of their customers, got up one by one to tell the city council Wednesday night that the business is a strong member of the community that employs students and contributes to local causes.

"I feel like we need to fight to stay in South City," said Tony Ricks, Caffino's owner.

The city council agreed. Caffino's lease is up in Westborough Square, and .

Mayor Richard Garbarino asked staff to bring back information about how to make an exception that would allow Caffino to move to another location in South San Francisco. Councilmember Karyl Matsumoto said she was a regular customer.

Caffino supporters clapped loudly in the audience after each message of support for the coffee stand.

"You sure you didn't give them coffee to jazz them up back there?" Garbarino asked.

Watch the video to see what Caffino's supporters had to say.


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