Building Community One Scraped Knuckle at a Time

Or, how I learned to change my own motorcycle oil at Moto Shop.

Ever come across a new business that made so much sense you said to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Well, here is another one.

Let me introduce you to Moto Shop, a DIY motorcycle repair shop in South San Francisco just behind the Tanforan Shopping Center that offers fully equipped maintenance work stations complete with pneumatic lifts and carts full of tools. The shop also holds classes in the basics like changing oil and tires and air filter cleaning, not to mention women’s-only classes in all levels of maintenance, too. Non-mechanical beginners are encouraged, by the way, and are a large portion of Moto Shop’s new clientele.

“Anyone can come and work on their motorcycle (street, dirt, or scooter), with or without help,” said Pacifican Wilder Grippo (a mechanical engineer) who opened the shop several months ago with his wife Aleksandra (a visual designer). “We also offer classes in just about anything you need to know to keep your bike well maintained and are happy to give individual instruction while you are here if you run into a snag.”

Moto Shop offers motorcycle enthusiasts a clean, well-lit place to come and do regular maintenance as well as long term modifications to their machines at a fraction of the cost a traditional motorcycle repair shop or custom bike builder would charge. 



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