Lost Parrots: Have You Seen Them?

Two parrots have gone missing in South City this summer. The owners are still hopeful they will turn up.

Aki, a six-inch long green and yellow parrot has been missing for a month. He was last seen in downtown South San Francisco. 

His Craiglist Posting reads: 

Our 10-year old Senegal Parrot (his name is "Aki") accidentally flew away from our backyard on 7/20. This was in South San Francisco in the area of Grand Ave and Chestnut Ave. On 7/22 he was then spotted on Grand Ave near Spruce/Maple streets, where he flew in and out of a couple of merchant shops before flying away again. That's the last that anyone has seen of him.

His colors are green and yellow with a dark gray head, about 7" in length head to tail. He can say his name "Aki" and can say "want peanut", and can squawk very loudly. He's probably got longer wings by now, so he may be difficult to contain (to catch him you'll need to throw a towel over him).

We've had him since he was a baby and just want him to come back home. If you have found him and have taken him then we are thankful you are caring for him but hope you'll find a way to return him to us or notify a local animal shelter. We have registered him as missing with the Peninsula Humane Society, as well as online lost+found services like Parrot Alert and Pet Harbor but so far nothing has turned up. If you've seen or have found Aki please reply to this email, or call/text to 415-290-3093. REWARD: $500.

Chloe, a red parrot with a blue breast was last seen on June 3 on Hillsdale Blvd.

Her Craigslist Post reads:

On 6/3 our adult eclectus parrot, Chloe, accidentally flew away from from the Hillside Blv. area in South San Francisco. She is red with a blue breast, a little larger than a pigeon. She can be positively identified.

These birds don't even cost $1000 as babies. If you have her or know someone who does, please consider taking the reward and giving Chloe back to her family and here mate, who misses her so much. We all miss her dearly. All we want is our old bird back. I will buy you a baby just like her, just please return Chloe home. Call: 650-291-6533. REWARD $1,000.

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