Who Wants Jerry Brown to Lose? Response to Debra Saunders

Source: Mr. Matte (Wikimedia Commons)
Source: Mr. Matte (Wikimedia Commons)

California Governor Jerry Brown has not officially declared if he is running for reelection, yet. Former state senator and attorney general Abel Maldonado has announced his decision to drop out of the CA gubernatorial race. Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is running, with "Deuce Bigelow" Rob Schneider endorsing his campaign.

In spite of the ground-swell among conservatives for Donnelly, and low favorability ratings for Governor Brown, San Francisco Chronicle conservative Debra Saunders asks:

"Who Wants to Lose to Jerry Brown?"

Really? Such despondency is understandable, I suppose. Saunders recounts that no Republican holds a statewide office, plus the Democratic Supermajority in Sacramento. Still, three special elections last year show that Republicans may have more a shot than Saunders gives them credit.

Hanford Cherry Farmer Andy Vidak swept a two-to-one Democratic district in the Central Valley. Independent conservative Paul Leon lost an assembly race in the Ontario region by a few hundred votes, as did West Valley/Los Angeles Republican Susan Shelley against liberal progressive Brad Sherman-surrogate Matt Dababneh in late November. The last two outcomes listed do register some disappoint, since the losses were so close for the conservative opposition against the California Democratic machines at work.

Nevertheless, if the Democrats are outspending against opposition candidates ten-to-one and barely carry a victory, one has to wonder how many fires the current liberal regimes will have to put out in 2014 in order to maintain their majorities in Sacramento and their hold on statewide power, too.

Covered California is not covering nearly as many residents as one had hoped. Gun-rights advocates are shooting mad about the legislature's gun-control measures, and local activists even contemplated Colorado-style recall initiatives to remove the legislators most hostile to the Second Amendment, including Speaker John Perez. More businesses are fleeing rather than fighting the regulation-frustration of California's byzantine state bureaucracy, and the state's unemployment rate remains discouragingly high.

Conservatives, Republicans, and the limited government interests (including Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association) in California certainly face an uphill climb to take back California. As small business, middle-class Americans, and even larger corporations back their bags and flee for better states, will the remaining voters continue to believe the falsehood that they prosper under the Democratic-Dominated statists status quo of public sector lobbying, environmental hysteria, and a tax-and-spend culture which takes from the makers and makes more takers?

Well, if Hollywood B-list actor Rob Schneider has seen the light (as well as the flight), then maybe will find come 2014 that more voters want Jerry Brown to lose and will elect someone else to remove him from office.

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